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Xinhua Article Questions Pelosi: What Does Pelosi Want to Do?

On Xinhua’s website on April 14, an article, by Shen Dingli, Deputy Director of the International Affairs Institute of [Shanghai’s] Fudan University, described U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “opposing China no matter what” and questioned what she wanted to do [about China]. The article said that Pelosi started a Congressional Resolution to prohibit U.S. officials from attending the Beijing Olympics using government funds, though she has no control over the U.S. executive branch.

The article complimented President Bush, saying that Bush’s views and actions [regarding Sino-U.S. cooperation for the Olympics] are responsible. The article continued, “Pelosi even publicly called on people to make trouble at her hometown San Francisco during the Olympic Torch relay. Being ranked third to succeed President’s position and as the Speaker [of the House], Pelosi is naturally a top level leader. At such a high level position of public power, she even despises the law, supporting “Tibetan Independence” forces to challenge the Olympic Torch and interfer with the U.S. government’s protection of the Torch relay…”

Source: Xinhua, April 14, 2008