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Australian Chinese Organized to Support Olympic Torch and Neutralize Protesters

Boxun reports on April 14 that various Chinese organizations in Australia are being organized to circulate an urgent letter calling on Chinese in various Australian cities to help [Chinese people in] Canberra and support the April 24 Olympic Torch relay in Canberra. The report published the whole letter issued by the Australian Chinese Youth Exchange Promotion Association. The letter claims that there will be several hundred protesters composed of “Tibetan Independence” and other “anti-China” forces trying to sabotage the event. “These people rehearsed to humiliate China using the torch to light cigarettes and toilet paper, and using extinguishers to put out the Torch,” says the letter. The letter detailed the schedules for free transportation from various locations and promised to provide free meals. The report questions who pays for the free meals and free transportation.

Source: Boxun, April 14, 2008-4-15