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Made in China Experiencing Three Tribulations Overseas

According to a Xinhua’s International Herald Leader’s article on December 3, 2009, Chinese products have been experiencing three tribulations overseas: exposure of the tainted products, becoming anti-dumping targets, and being misinterpreted by those wearing “tinted glasses.”

Toxic toothpaste, tainted toys, poisonous dumplings and milk … have led Chinese products into a “poisonous” crisis. Meanwhile, Chinese products are becoming “anti-dumping” targets due to the cheap price supported by cheap labor. In addition, westerners view Chinese goods with tinted glasses, labeling “Made in China” as a “China’s foreign economic expansion tool” and blaming Chinese businessmen because they never consider social values such as human rights, environment and safety issues.

Source: Xinhua’s International Herald Leader, December 3, 2009