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Huanqiu: Should China Increase Its Arms Sales to the Countries Hostile to the U.S.?

On September 23, 2011, Huanqiu (the Chinese edition of Global Times), a state media under Xinhua, published an editorial titled “(China’s) Protest against the U.S. Arms Sale to Taiwan Should Not Be Limited to Words.” The article stated, “Our protest should be real, coupled with strong retaliatory measures.”

The article admitted that the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan is a problem that traces back to past years and cannot be stopped completely. “Let us fearlessly ‘tolerate’ the U.S. (arms sales to Taiwan) and also courageously retaliate against the United States. No matter what we do, nothing worse will happen. Several billion dollars worth of arms will not change the Taiwan Strait. If China kicks back at the United States for the Taiwan Strait, the Sino-U.S. relationship will not change either.”

The article contained a survey asking, “Should China increase its arms sales to the countries hostile to the U.S.?” It attracted thousands of responses. 37,026 participants (95.9%) agreed to increased arms sales to the enemies of the U.S., while 1,588 participants (4.1%) disagreed.

Source: Huanqiu, September 23, 2011