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CASS Blue Book: To Become the No. 2 Nation by 2050

The Chongqing Evening Post recently reported that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) announced publication of the Blue Book of National Competitiveness. The Blue Book is based on research done on more than 100 countries. It concluded that China now holds the number 17 position among all countries and is number 9 among the G20. The Blue Book also set a goal for China to become number three in terms of national competitiveness (after the U.S. and the EU) by 2030 and number two (after the U.S.) by 2050. However, it is believed that China’s current growth model relies heavily on real estate investment and massive resource consumption. This is not a competitive model. The Blue Book also pointed out that China’s lack of the ability to innovate is a primary disadvantage. China is far behind Japan and South Korea in this area. 

Source: Chongqing Evening Post, October 26, 2010