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Xinhua: Improving the Development of Online Media

Wang Chen, Deputy Chief of the Central Propaganda Department of the CCP, Director of the Central Outreach Office of the CCP, and Director of the State Council Information Office, recently gave a speech at the Tenth Chinese Online Media Forum. Wang observed that there are four new trends in the development of the Internet: 1) The Internet is quickly becoming an important media channel; 2) The Internet is rapidly penetrating the social economy and this means better administration is needed; 3) Multiple information networks are merging, such as the trend to merge the computer, TV, and cellphone; 4) Internet technology is upgraded very frequently, and new service models are introduced very frequently. Wang also pointed out that, in order to cope with the new trends, it is very important to direct public opinion, to control the “battlefield,” and to regulate the “dissemination of information via the Internet.” 

Source: Xinhua, October 27, 2010