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China Youth Online: China Increases Overseas Acquisitions

The “2011 World Economy Analysis and Forecasts” published a report by the World Economy and Politics Center of the China Social Science Academy. The report noted a rapidly increasing trend, which is that Chinese companies are acquiring more assets overseas. State-Owned-Enterprises (SOEs), including Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC, the Baosteel Group, and CHALCO, were the leaders in these acquisitions. The sectors most coveted are those in the extraction industry. Chinese companies acquired 91 companies with a value of US$32 billion between 2005 and mid-2010. Chinese companies made purchases in other industries: Geely (automaker) bought Volvo for US$1.8 billion and Sany Group (a machinery manufacturer) built plants in Germany. Morgan Stanley’s report showed that, by the first half of 2010, China became the second largest overseas acquirer of assets after the U.S.

“However, more than 50% of the overseas acquisitions were not successful after the acquisition, i.e., they didn’t generate more money for the parent company.”

Source: China Youth Online, January 24, 2011