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Executive VP of Bank of China: Advancing the Renminbi on the World Stage

China Review News published an interview with Xie Yonghai, Executive Vice President of the Bank of China and Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association. Xie stated that, “The current international monetary system based on the U.S. dollar is biased. China, given its present economic wherewithal needs to become a greater international power.” Xie pointed out that getting regional adoption of the renminbi is the key to internationalizing the renminbi. China has signed treaties with countries on renminbi exchange and free trade. Agreements about the regional adoption of the renminbi are being made with countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Asia, and possibly Latin America, where China is working with Brazil and Argentina.

“Hong Kong will play a major role as the off-shore renminbi trading center.” Xie predicts that “within five years, Hong Kong’s renminbi trade volume will reach 8 trillion yuan. By then, the renminbi will become the third most popular currency in the world, after the dollar and the euro, and part of the IMF’s SDR.”

Source: China Review News, January 24, 2011