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China’s Cities Must Still Deal with Sludge Disposal

A plan put forth by the Ministry of Environmental Protection suggests that the next 10 years will be the “golden period” for the development of sewage disposal in China. Thousands of sewage disposal factories will be developed. However, thousands of tons of sludge from each of these facilities will need to be disposed of, a big problem that must be handled urgently. Currently, a majority of the cities in China are equipped with sewage disposal facilities, but sludge disposal has still not been addressed. “Secondary pollution” is quite serious. On November 26, 2010, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice demanding the prompt development of methods for sludge disposal. The notice requires that sewage and sludge disposal units be planned, constructed, and put into use simultaneously in future development; existing sewage disposal factories must complete the sludge disposal requirement within two years.

Source: Economic Information, April 25, 2011