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Huanqiu Laughs at the United States’ Unrealistic Ambition to Lead the World

On November 15, 2011, Huanqiu, the Chinese version of Global Times, published a commentary titled “The United States Should Alter What It Means by ‘Leading the World.’” In a sarcastic tone, the writer of the article laughed at the U.S. government’s “unrealistic ambition” to lead the world. “The goal of the Obama administration’s strategic plan in the Asia Pacific region is to defend its ‘global leadership.’ This will overwhelm the U.S.”

“Being economically limited, the United States tends to use military and political pressure more frequently, trying to take ‘shortcuts’ in international politics. However, its military and political victories have never been secure, just like what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“It is normal that the United States feels uneasy about facing a rising China. However, it is unhealthy for the anxiety to become too intense. An unrealistic ambition to (lead) the world must lie behind such an anxiety. The world does not belong to the United States.”

Source: Huanqiu, November 15, 2011