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Xinhua News Agency Outlook Weekly: The Constraints on the U.S. Involvement in the East

On December 5, 2011, Xinhua News Agency’s Outlook Weekly published an article commenting the U.S. strategic movement to the East, including President Obama’s 9-day visit to the Asia-Pacific areas, his attendance at the East Asia Summit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “historic visit” to Myanmar, and the trilateral dialogue between the United States, Japan, and India which is coming up in December. “Economically, the United States uses the Trans-Pacific Partnership to reshape the Asia-Pacific economic order and force itself into the Asia-Pacific market.” In security, the United States tries to be the ‘referee’ on South China Sea issues and accelerates the adjustment of the Asia-Pacific military deployments.”

The writer of the article, however, gives a long list of constraints inside and outside of the United States which will result in the U.S. having to reduce its attention and involvement in the Asia-Pacific areas in 2012. The listed constraints are the cold relationship between the U.S. and Russia, the mess in the Middle East and North Africa, the deterioration of the U.S. – Pakistan relationship, the huge U.S. budget deficit, the “Occupy Wall Street movement,” and the 2012 election.

Source: Xinhua News Agency Outlook Weekly, December 5, 2011