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What’s China’s Bottom Line in the Iran Issue?

China Review News published an commentary article talking about China’s diplomatic policy on the Iran conflict. The article says, “U.S. Finance Secretary’s visit to China is not for discussing economic issues, rather, it is for the issue of sanctioning Iran. This is a quite strange thing.”

Regarding what China will do to Iran, the article says, “ Based on the past norm, Chinese authorities would adopt or partially adopt the American government official’s request out of the consideration of diplomatic interests. However,if U.S. Secretary of Finance comes to China in the hope of getting China to increase the sanction of Iran, then U.S. Finance Secretary will probably go home empty-handed. Chinese government will never agree to join the camp of sanctioning Iran unless Iran openly opposes U.N. Security Council’s Resolution and pulls farther and farther away in the issue of nuclear weapons.”

The article made it clear that “China will not interfere with other countries’ internal affairs, not to say force other country to yield under pressure by economic sanction and armed force threatening. It is necessary that China’s Foreign Ministry publicize its diplomatic policy, and eliminate the illusion of Western countries.”

Source: China Review News, January 25, 2012