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Huanqiu Opinion: US Fears Losing Dominant Power in the World

Huanqiu carried an opinion piece on how the U.S. has recently launched a number of joint military exercises, including the Cobra Gold Military Exercises (Thailand), Cope North 2012 (the U.S., Japan, and Australia) and Key Resolve-Foal Eagle (South Korea), with Asian Pacific countries. The article wondered what the U.S. is afraid of as it launches one large scale military exercise after another. It stated that what the U.S. really fears is losing its dominant power in the world and that, therefore, U.S. strategy revolves around how it can secure absolute world dominance.

The article also warned that a fleet, missiles, or aircraft carriers do not mean much in the 21st Century. What matters to safety is social and economic development and close cooperation between different nations. The article said, “If the U.S. does not put down its ‘fear,’ it could create more enemies. It will eventually bury itself in its imaginary “threat” and be unable to dig itself out.” 

Source: Huanqiu, March, 2012