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Qiushi on China’s Morality

Qiushi published an article on on January 1, 2012, on moral issues in China titled, “Correctly Understand China’s Moral Status at the Current Stage of Chinese Society.” The article defended China: “China has achieved great development and progress in its overall social and moral status,” because of China’s economic growth.

However, it did mention the “moral challenges” the country faces. “Ethical issues exist mainly in some areas of the population. Firstly, the moral failure of some officials is prominent in that they seek personal interest and use their public positions, money trading, and corruption. Their behavior has a great negative impact on society. Secondly, the lack of morality in some enterprises and among businessmen is exhibited in their lack of good faith, swindling, and counterfeiting. Thirdly, the moral problem of some cultural celebrities is seen in their seeking fame, plagiarism, and sensationalizing. Lastly, the lack of civic virtue stands out in not abiding by public ethics, not offering to help when others are in danger, and returning evil for good.”

Source: Qiushi, January 1, 2012