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China’s Path to Becoming a Financial Superpower

China Review News (CRN) recently published an article commenting on China’s current financial position in the world, its weaknesses, and suggestions for future growth. The commentary pointed out that, by the end of October of last year, the assets of China’s central bank were the highest in the world, having reached US$4.73 trillion. At the same time, assets of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the EU Central Bank, and the Japanese central bank reached US$2.85 trillion, US$2.73 trillion and US$1.8 trillion, respectively. China also has the highest savings rate as well as the highest foreign exchange reserves. However, China’s financial system is leaning too heavily towards manufacturing and infrastructure investments. Investment in medium and small enterprises is still lacking. Another problem lies in the area of China’s overseas investments, which have a very low yield of 3%-5%. The commentary made two suggestions: that China should establish financial institutes designed to serve medium and small businesses, and that the practice of the large scale purchase of foreign bonds should be completely changed. Investments should switch to stock shares and other types of ownership of overseas economic entities, including U.S. assets.

Source: China Review News, January 20, 2012