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New Year’s Wishes for Many Chinese People

China News Net published its first commentary after Chinese New Year’s Day, summarizing the three new year’s resolutions that are on many people’s minds. Number one on the wish list is a further drop in the price of housing. The year 2011 was the year we saw the strongest decline in housing prices. However, for most people, the price level is still far from affordable. The second wish on the list is an increase in income. Although statistically there was an increase in income last year, the high pressure of inflation made the increase seem inconsequential. The third biggest item most people wish for is a large improvement in food safety. In the past year, a wide range of food safety incidents occurred in the consumer market, having to do with pork, cooking oil, frozen dumplings, infant formula, beverages, and more.

Source: China News Net, January 29, 2012