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Qiushi: The Western Hand behind the Break-up of State-owned Enterprises

Qiushi publish an analysis that criticized the “noises that demonize the public ownership system and state-owned enterprises.” The article, entitled, “The Western Hand behind the Break-up of State-owned Enterprises,” expressed the belief that foreign investment may have become a national economic security issue. “Statistics show that, of the 28 major industries in China, 21 are controlled by foreign investment through (the foreign companies’) right to a majority of the assets. Foreign investments control the top 5 enterprises in almost every industry that has been opened up. These 21 industries are those where state-owned enterprises have withdrawn. China’s privately owned companies are not able to form an effective force to compete with the wolves of the Western multi-national corporations. … State-owned enterprises are the only major force in the market that can compete and fend off the multi-national corporations that Western monopolistic capital controls. … In any country, when foreign investments control an industry, it is likely to become a national economic security issue.”

Source: Qiushi, April 18, 2012