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China Academy of Science Found Misusing Rearch Funds

In 2011, the Institute of the state owned China Academy of Science (CAS) distributed morale and welfare benefits to employees using program funds in an amount totaling almost 100 million yuan. Liu Jiayi, Auditor General of the National Audit Office of China, indicated that, in 2011, nine CAS institutes were found to have engaged in such practices, including the following institutes:

The Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research: 25.68 million yuan
The Institute of Zoology: 20.06 million yuan
The National Space Science Center: 17.07 million yuan
The Institute of Biophysics: 12.78 million yuan (from 2009 to 2011)
The Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science: 8.4 million yuan
The Institute of Electronics: 7.3 million yuan
The Institute of Psychology: 1.8 million yuan

Source: China Business, June 28, 2012