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Another Round of Training for New Grassroots Police Chiefs

Starting from June 26, 2012, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) launched a training session for the country’s 1,400 city and county level public security bureau chiefs, some some of whom are newly-appointed. According to the website of MPS, one of the goals of the training is to “accomplish the task of safeguarding the eighteenth National Congress of Chinese Communist Party.”

Since 2009, MPS has conducted trainings in Beijing for more than 3,000 county-level and 500 city-level public security bureau chiefs, nearly 1,000 of the CCP’s heads of Discipline Inspection and heads of Political Departments in provincial and city level public security authorities, 1,500 who are in leadership positions in charge of intelligence, law enforcement standardization, and community relations, and 6,000 grassroots policemen. The Ministry also made arrangements for provincial level public security authorities to train 70,000 grassroots police officials on a rotational basis.

Source: Website of the Ministry of Public Security, June 28, 2012