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CRN: Nearly 70% of the People Cannot Afford Housing

China Review News (CRN) recently reported on a research survey on the housing market. The nationwide survey covered 23 provinces and 4 municipalities that are directly under the central government. The results were that 66% of the people surveyed said that, given the current market prices, they still could not afford housing. Near 60% said they believed that this year is not the right time to buy real estate. The report also showed that the percentages were highly consistent across different regions. However, there was still a high demand nationwide for commercially available real estate. It seemed, however, that this high demand has not turned into actual purchases. After two years of strict government price control of the housing market, 35% of the people surveyed believe that housing prices are “stabilizing.” Meanwhile 29% of those surveyed still believe that prices are “going up.”
Source: China Review News, July 6, 2012