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CRN: 60% of the Souvenirs at the London Olympics are from China

On July 29, 2012, China Review News (CRN) reported that Chinese products are trying to compete in the market at the London Olympics. For example, a Beijing company provided about 20,000 square meters of sod. All of the bags that the Netherlands delegation used, as well as all tennis bags and bags for ambulance personnel, were made in Fujian Province. Around 50 million of the flags of all sizes, that were used officially, were made in Zhejiang Province, in addition to paper cups, paper plates, hats, and folding chairs. Other official Olympics products such as bedding supplies, cups, toy cars, pins, clothing, mascot dolls, wrist straps, and key chains were all made in China. In addition, China will provide 60% of all of the souvenirs. 
Source: China Review News, July 29, 2012