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Xinhua: China Successfully Tested a New High-Power Rocket Engine

Xinhua reported that the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group successfully tested a 120-ton liquid oxygen kerosene rocket engine. The success of the test meant that China is the second country after Russia to have mastered this new high-power engine technology. The new engine will be key to the planned Long March 5 rocket launch in 2014, as well as to the future manned space projects to the moon. The new engine improves the push capability of the current level by 60% and it can carry a load that is three times that of today’s Long March rockets. The design and implementation of this new engine took one and one-half years. The process of developing this engine also helped push forward technology in other areas, such as new materials, paint, coatings, and new rubber.
Source: Xinhua, July 30, 2012