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Study Times: The U.S. Does Not Have the Final Say in Asia

Study Times published a commentary on the new U.S. strategy in Asia. The article’s author expressed the belief that the U.S. adjustment represents another post-Vietnam war contraction, rather than an expansion. It stated that the U.S. move is more a defensive one to safeguard what it has achieved, instead of an offensive one. In its strategy in Asia, the U.S. coordinates its military, political, and economic actions very well. “This strategic maneuver was carried all the way through and China felt real pressure.” However, the article continued, it is impossible to drive all Asian countries away from China and to isolate China completely. It appears that the U.S. may invite China to join the TPP at a later time so that China will have to play a passive role and simply follow the rules that have already been established. “But China will not accept such an invitation. The U.S. simply does not have the final say!”

Sourse: Study Times, February 27, 2012