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The Conflict between Urban and Rural Regions Poses Huge Risks

Study Times published an article wiritten by Han Kang, Associate Dean of China’s National School of Administration, on the subject of the high risk involved in the urbanization process. Han stated in his article that one of the biggest risks in China’s urbanization is the conflict between the urban and rural regions.

During the seven years from 1996 to 2003, the land cultivated in China dropped from 1.95 billion mu to 1.85 billion mu, about a reduction of 5.124 percent. This was the sharpest drop since the open door reform. During the same period, the employment rate for the agricultural sector remained stable at 49 to 50 percent, with almost zero change.

According to Han, during the process of urbanization, many cities have been putting a lot of effort into developing high-end infrastructure, such as luxury high rises and high-end industrial sectors. The government’s encouragement has played a significant and effective role and has led to extreme high-end urban development without any necessary constraints. Han pointed out that a majority, not a minority, of governments are pursuing this end and are competing with each other in the pursuit of increased high-end urban development."

Source: Study Times reprinted by People’s Daily, May 21, 2013.