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Five Central Construction Enterprises Spend over Six Million Yuan Per Day on Reception Meals

According to Statistics published by Guangzhou Daily, in 2012, 1,720 A-share listed public companies spent a total of 13.3 billion yuan (about US$2.2 billion) on “business reception” expenses [used for hospitality and to wine and dine customers]. The vast majority of these companies are state-owned enterprises. The company that holds the number one place is China Railway Construction Corporation. Its hospitality expenses in 2012 amounted to 837 million yuan, or 2.29 million yuan per day. 

Five central enterprises, including China Railway Construction Company, China Communications Construction Company Ltd., Sinohydro Group Ltd., China Gezhouba Group Company Ltd., and China National Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd., spent a total of more than 2.2 billion yuan, averaging 6.12 million yuan (about US$1 million) per day on food, drinks, and gifts. 

Source: May 13, 2013