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People’s Daily: China’s Talent Loss Tops the World

After a screening of 1,907 of the world’s top technologically innovative, talented people in six fields, including biological and biochemistry, computers, physics, agriculture, mathematics, and chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that China has the leading edge in physics, mathematics and computer science. However, the number of China’s most talented who have been lost tops the world. An average of 87 percent of those in the science and engineering fields have chosen to stay overseas. An official from the Central Talent Work Coordination Group Office pointed to several problems that China has: a shortage of high-level, innovative, creative talent; a lack of innovation capabilities, and a mismatch between the demand for and the supply of talent.

In this current "war for talent," many developed countries are using immigration reform to attract or retain talented people. In recent years, nearly a million overseas Chinese students have chosen to return to China under the "thousands of people plan," including over twenty thousand with high-level talent.

Source: Xinhua, June 6, 2013