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Communist Retirees Hired to Monitor Internet Postings

Beijing Daily reported that 50 retired senior Communist Party cadres have been hired to monitor the Internet as part of the Party’s Internet censorship. They are the first group of retired senior cadres to take on this task.

According to the Beijing municipal Party organization department, “Internet information is constantly changing. [Retired] senior comrades have valuable, rich life experience and work experience. These newly hired monitors will be able to use their strengths. After understanding the Internet information environment, they will be able to spot problems promptly, speak up, and publish articles. They will spread positive energy, resist rumors and bad postings, and make contributions that will help purify cyberspace."

“The retired senior cadre monitors can use their own accounts and passwords to join the blogs and chat rooms and may report on bad postings at any time.”

Source: Beijing Daily reprinted by the Chinese Communist Party website, June 6, 2013