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Anti-Monopoly Bureau Gears up to Focus on Six Major Industries

Xinhua recently published an article about an upcoming investigation into monopolies on pricing. The Anti-monopoly Bureau, which is under the State Development and Reform Commission, stated that it will focus on an investigation of the pricing monopoly in the following industries: the airlines, household chemicals, automobiles, electronic communication, drugs, and electrical appliances. According to the Commission, at the beginning of 2013, the State Development and Reform Commission issued 353 million yuan (US$58 million) in fines to six companies that make Liquid Crystal Panels. It was the first time a foreign company had been targeted. In August of this year, the Commission fined six domestic milk powder companies in the amount of 670 million yuan (US$110 million) for violating the anti-monopoly law. It was the largest fine in China’s anti-monopoly history.

Source: Xinhua, November 25, 2013