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Xinhua: China Announced East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone

Xinhua reported on November 23 that the Chinese government officially announced the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone. All aircraft that enter the Zone are required to identify themselves by providing their flight itinerary, always-on two-way radio, always-on radar transponder, and visual external identification of nationality and registration. The Zone is governed by the Chinese Defense Ministry. Any aircraft violating the rules will face the Chinese military’s “emergency handling procedures.” 
According to Global Times, the new Identification Zone covers the Diaoyu Islands, which are involved in a sovereignty dispute between China and Japan. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a “solemn protest” to the Chinese ambassador to Japan.
BBC also reported that the United States Defense Ministry immediately issued an official statement expressing “deep concern” about this new development, calliing it an attempt to undermine regional stability. The statement also proclaimed that the U.S. will make no change in its military plans in the region.
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