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Huanqiu: Chen Guangcheng and the U.S. Consulate Should Be Clear on Their Roles

Huanqiu published a commentary stating that Western media once again picked up on the Chen Guangcheng case and tried to exaggerate the circumstances, pointing to this as another example of the U.S. tendency to discredit China.

According to the article, Chen’s case reached a turning point one day before the strategic and economic dialog, which was an indication that both sides did not want Chen’s case to interfere with their relationship. Chen’s case only represents a small percentage of the incidents that occur and will not bring fundamental damage to Chinese society and to the advancement and development work of Chinese human rights. The article also claimed that, in recent years, China has made achievements in the area of human rights. The foundation of China’s stability is at the local level, which faces most of the issues, but the situation is improving. … China is so big that there is resistance emerging here and there but it is mostly buried and has not formed a major phenomenon yet.

The article wished that the U.S. consulate would be cautious in its actions and stay away from the activities that do not fit its job description. “The U.S. should place its interest in winning the heart of Chinese main stream society, but not act as the spiritual support for Chinese extremists because the consulate cannot afford the burden.”

Source: Huanqiu, May 3, 2012