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Qiushi on the Chinese Economy: Have Confidence, Patience and Determination

Qiushi published a commentary on the Chinese economy titled, “Have Confidence, Patience and Determination.” 

“First, [we should] establish confidence and let the public know that the current economy is still running in the normal range, that the trend is still smooth, and that they should not be too worried. This will stabilize everyone’s expectations. Second, [we should have] patience. It takes time to resolve excess capacity, to introduce, implement, and achieve the results of the policy of reform and to cultivate new economic growth. Therefore [we should] not be in a hurry. Being in a hurry can easily lead us to re-taking the old road. Third, [we must] have the determination to  push reform forward unswervingly, to strengthen the propaganda about the effective reforms already made, and to sum up and promote successful reform experience, boost reform morale, and stand in solidarity to make breakthroughs, all in a timely manner.” 
The commentary compares the Chinese economy to "a person who is basically healthy, but with ying and yang out of balance, and with some bad habits and illnesses. The person is now right in the critical period of the treatment and reactions may be severe, but one must bite his teeth and tough it out. After the “treatment” in this stage, the Chinese economy will see healthy growth.” 
Source: Qiushi, April 21, 2014