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People’s Daily: China Has Become the Major Target and Victim of U.S. Section 337 Investigations

While talking about the issue of the intellectual property rights of Chinese enterprises overseas, the Director of the State Intellectual Property Office, Shen Changyu, said that the number intellectual property disputes between China and the U.S. is growing. China has become the main target country and the biggest victim of the U.S.’s Section 337 investigations [Section 337 investigations are conducted by the U.S. International Trade Commission. They usually involve claims concerning intellectual property rights, including patent and trademark infringement allegations on imported goods.] Chinese enterprises are also actively studying how to deal with the investigations. 

Shen used ZTE Corporation [a Chinese company specializing in telecommunications equipment and network solutions] as an example to illustrate his point, “I recently went to ZTE and learned that, in recent years, the United States has subjected ZTE to six section 337 investigations. ZTE has fought very actively against the investigations. In the final rulings from last December to March of this year, ZTE won three in a row. This shows that, on the one hand, our enterprises should plan the intellectual property layout ahead of time and actively apply for patents abroad. On the other hand, our enterprises should learn how to and have the courage to apply the rules of intellectual property to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and to deal with different intellectual property disputes." 

Source: People’s Daily, April 22, 2014