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RFA: It May Cost 300 Million Yuan to Demolish a 270 Million Yuan Project Built Three Years Ago

Radio Free Asia reported that an order was given to demolish a tourist project in Hekou County, Yunnan Province that cost 270 million yuan (US$43 million) to build just three years ago. The cost of the demolition may be as much as 300 million yuan (US$48 million), which is higher than the cost of construction. The total loss of 600 million yuan is around three times Hekou County’s annual fiscal income for 2013. The report stated that the tourist project sits on the Hong River that separates China from Vietnam. It is 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) long covering 16,000 square meters (3.95 acres) and includes 150 commercial stores that can be rented. Initially, many parties objected to the project, but somehow, it was later approved at several upper levels. Currently about two thirds of the commercial space remains vacant.

Many people believe that it has become a major problem that the district government shows off its political accomplishments while wasting resources. A businessman from Guangdong Province told RFA that this is common, especially in rural areas. Another professor from the University of South Carolina said that China lacks a system to allow a stable investment environment for businesses. The government took the lead on this project and then revoked its previous commitment, a phenomenon that may harm social development.

Source: Radio Free Asia, June 20, 2014