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China Stock: Growing the RMB’s Global Presence

After the global financial crisis, a new trend developed in the world: the establishment of a "currency swap network." The U.S., in particular, established a Dollar Liquidity Swap Line among the U.S. Federal Reserve and the central banks in Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Japan. The U.S. dollar still plays a dominant role.

China Stock published an article suggesting the steps China should take to grow the RMB’s global presence. First, China should participate in the U.S.-dominated “network of bilateral swap lines.” This would allow China to obtain dollars easily when money flows out of China. Second, China should advance the "The Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization" mechanism, turning this loose network of bilateral support into a tight multilateral capital rescue mechanism. Third, China should establish an RMB swap funding pool, to support the clearing of the RMB’s swap with other currencies.

Source: China Stock Online, June 26, 2014