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Central Bank Implies the Economy Has Worsened

China Business News reported that China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, stated at its third quarterly meeting that "The intricacies of the financial situation in China should not be underestimated," indicating the economy has worsened. 

According to financial analysts, the statement was significant in view of the message from the previous quarterly meeting where the central bank stated, “The economic and financial structure began to show positive changes, but the situation is still complicated. Both favorable and unfavorable factors coexist." Removal of the positive remark at the central bank’s third quarterly meeting may mean that, presently, negative factors have probably increased compared to the second quarter, adding pressure to the economy. These negative factors are mainly reflected in business conditions and the slowing down of the growth of profit. The latest PMI index shows that the trend of recovery in manufacturing and service industries has stopped. 
As China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China issues monetary policy and regulates financial institutions in mainland China. 
Source: China Business News, October 8, 2014