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Disasters in October Caused Direct Economic Losses of 8.1 Billion Yuan

On November 6, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released information explaining that, in the month of October, the occurrence of a number of calamities resulted in direct economic losses of more than 8.1 billion yuan (US$1.33 billion). The disasters in October consisted primarily of earthquakes, flooding in the south, and snow in the northeast. The disasters impacted over 3.25 million people in 21 provinces and resulted in direct economic losses of 8.1 billion yuan. During the disasters, over 8,000 houses and buildings collapsed and an additional 179,000 houses and buildings suffered different degrees of damage. A total of 3,527,000 hectares of crops were damaged, while 421,000 hectares of crops were totally destroyed. 

Source: Ministry of Civil Affairs, November 6, 2014