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People’s Daily: What Does China Expect to Get from Xi-Obama Meeting during APEC?

Ahead of the meeting between the Sino-U.S. heads, Chairman Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama, during the APEC meeting in Beijing, People’s Daily (overseas edition) published an opinion article commenting on what China would like to see from the meeting. The article was titled, “What Does the World Expect from Xi Jinping and Obama’s Meeting [during APEC]?” 

The article stated that the first Xi and Obama meeting last June in California set the tone for the development of Sino-U.S. relations. One year later, both countries have made new progress in Sino-U.S. cooperation in a number of fields. At the same time, there is no denying that the U.S. has digressed from the direction set in the first meeting. Some remarks that the U.S. made have not had the right tone. The road leading to great power relations between the two countries has hit some bumps. Pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has increased. However, there are danger signs that mutual strategic trust is decreasing instead of increasing. 

The article stressed that during the remainder of Obama’s term as President, Sino-U.S. relations need to adjust to ensure that both sides have better control of their differences and make big efforts to allow the two sides to have more sincere cooperation and less suspicion. 

The article also stressed that the international community looks forward to Sino-U.S. relations continuing to improve and develop. Because China and the United States are countries with huge body masses, not only will cooperation benefit them while confrontation will hurt both countries, but also, regarding other countries, better Sino-U.S. cooperation will be a booster and stabilizer for world peace; otherwise the world will not have peace. 

Source: People’s Daily, November 7, 2014