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CRN: Romney’s Anti-China Comments Cause Worries

China Review News (CRN) recently published a review of an article form the Financial Times that discussed U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s position on US-China relations. Romney’s team recently suggested that the United States “won’t lose anything” if it goes against China and there is nothing to worry about in terms of a trade war. Romney is taking a tough position against China and has been calling China a country that manipulates the currency exchange rate. His position is considered much less soft than that of the former Republican president George W. Bush. Though Romney’s China policies cause worries even among the Republicans, it seems Romney’s team is making them a core part of the campaign image that is designed to differentiate him from the White House. However some Democrats believe that this is just an election year show because Romney’s China position is against the free-market philosophy that he has also been promoting. 

Source: China Review News, June 6, 2012