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Xinhua: Reader’s Digest Closed Down in China

Xinhua reported that, on May 28, 2012, Reader’s Digest closed down its operations in China. The news resulted in widespread discussion among senior Chinese media workers. Reader’s Digest started its international Chinese edition in the year 1965. The simplified Chinese edition was officially published in China in 2008. The Xinhua reporter actually contacted the U.S. headquarters of Reader’s Digest to confirm the closure. He received confirmation that the paper edition did cease distribution. No detailed reason was officially provided. The reporter was told that the Chinese market represented only a very small portion of the total operation of the magazine. A digital version is possible in the future. Reader’s Digest suffered a long period during which it fought for for its copyright and trademark rights in China. In recent years, many foreign magazines, such as Scientific American, have given up on the Chinese market, .

Source: Xinhua, June 9, 2012