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People’s Daily: What is the True Intent of Clinton’s Asian Visit?

People’s Daily published several articles on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Asian visit, that was due to take place from July 5 to 18, 2012, and cover 8 countries around China. “Looking at the itinerary, it appears that she will visit all of the countries that surround China. Such an itinerary is questionable. Is this a new trick for the United States to win over the small countries and to contain a large country?” On a follow-up commentary, People’s Daily stated that the United States should “exercise restraint over its impulse to preach democracy.” “The reality has demonstrated that it is precisely because some Asian countries copied the American democratic system that these countries now have serious problems, leading to slow development. Even today some of these countries have not yet recovered.”

Source: People’s Daily, July 12, 2012