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Huanqiu: What Has Obama Done in Asia?

Huanqiu published a commentary on Obama’s activities in Asia over the past four years. It stated that, in less than three years, the U.S. has completed the initial phase of the formulation, promotion, and implementation of transferring its strategic priority to Asia and the Pacific region. The commentary contends, however, that such a move has destabilized the region. “The Obama administration has implemented a two-faced policy of exchanges and cooperation, along with deterrence and containment.” It has carried out “frequent military moves in order to quickly restrain China. The U.S. politicians have politicized trade disputes and those pertaining to cultural exchanges. Political biases in the U.S. have entangled or destroyed potential opportunities for cooperation.” The commentary further cited examples of the U.S. activities that have had a destabilizing effect, such as “sowing discord and forming gangs” among Asian countries and increasing the U.S. military presence in Australia.

Source: Huanqiu, July 24, 2012