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Huanqiu Editorial: Americans Better Be Clear that the South China Sea Is Not the Caribbean

Huanqiu (The Global Times, a publication under Xinhua) published an editorial following the U.S. State Department’s statement that publicly criticized China’s establishment of Sansha City and its creation of a new garrison in the South China Sea. The article stated, “It is well within China’s expectation that the U.S. is more and more obviously adopting a biased policy on the South China Sea issue that favors the Philippines and Vietnam. When the Philippines and Vietnam are more active, the U.S. remains relatively ‘neutral.’ When the Chinese take a little initiative, the U.S. immediately gives up its ‘neutral’ stand and jumps right in to ‘balance’ China. In general, the attitude of the U.S.  follows such a pattern.”

The article commented, “It is a fact that the U.S. is influential in the South China Sea, but it is also obvious that the U.S. cannot do what it wants. The Philippines and Vietnam has been very provocative and presumptuous toward China recently. It has already seen the potential impact of the United States. The era when the U.S. can blow up a storm in the South China Sea just by giving a mere hint is actually almost over.”

“The U.S. now openly condemns China’s establishment of Sansha City. It no longer has much influence. The U.S. may come up with sharper criticism in the future, but this will gradually be no more than trash talk. The actual impact (of the U.S.) on the South China Sea is decreasing.”

The article warned, “The South China Sea is not the Caribbean. Americans should be sober minded.”

Source: Huanqiu, August 6, 2012