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Study Times on Regulating Microblogs in China

On August 6, 2012, Study Times published an article discussing the challenges brought about by microblogs and the strategies the authorities should use to deal with microblogs in the event of a crisis. In China, 96% of Internet users know how use microblogs to check and release information and to post comments about large and sudden incidents. The article suggested strategies to strengthen crisis management and deal with the effects of microblogs in the event of a crisis:

  1. Constantly collect information on the Internet and submit the feedback to the relevant departments quickly so as to resolve any microblog crisis at the initial stage.
  2. The government should release authoritative news in a timely manner, using touching language, following the principle of "quickly report the facts, cautiously report the reasons, and then release follow-up information later.”
  3. Guide and regulate public opinion by spreading filtered and selected views.
  4. Stop any “rumors” from spreading and use law enforcement to regulate the Internet effectively.

Source: Study Times, August 6, 2012