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CCP Publicity Department: Media – Don’t Criticize the Green Internet Filtering Software

Radio France International reported that, on June 10, the Publicity Department of the CCP sent a notice to all media and propaganda management organizations requesting that media should not criticize the forced-pre-installation of Green Dam, an Internet filtering software, which has received widespread negative publicity both domestically and internationally. Though it claims to protect youth from accessing indecent content, a study at the University of Michigan found that this software performs text filtering, with a majority of its blacklisted words being about Falun Gong and quitting the communist party.

The Publicity Department’s notice states, “According to instructions from the Central Committee’s top leader,” no media should publish statements that question or criticize the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s decision to pre-install the Green Dam Internet filter software. The Publicity Department suggested, “(Media) can have experts and parents give statements, focusing people’s concern on openly supporting the ministry’s action to protect growing youth.” Also, the Publicity Department requested that all media strengthen the management of their websites and “immediately block and remove” any words of criticism from their public forums.

[1] Radio France International, June 11, 2009
[2] Computer Science and Engineering Division of the University of Michigan