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China Held National Anti-Terrorism Exercises

In the run-up to its 60th anniversary celebration on October 1, China been holding national anti-terrorism exercises, “Great Wall 6,” in the regions surrounding Beijing, to test their ability to face terrorist attacks. The first one was held in Huhehaote, Inner Mogolia Autonomous Region on the afternoon of June 9.

The areas the exercise tested include the effectiveness of handling “nuclear bomb” attacks as well as multiple sites and chemical factory attacks. Shanxi and Hebei Provinces were picked as the next sites and the exercises are said to have ended in mid-June.

[Editor’s note]: A search through Google suggested that this news posting carried by the official news sources including Xinhua, Sohu, China News, People’s Daily were deleted after they were posted. However, as of June 14, 11:30 EST, a few city level websites, such as the Tengzhou City webpage still carried this posting.

Source: The Tengzhou City Website, June 12, 2009