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Minister of Public Security: Internet a Major Tool of Anti-China Forces

In a recent article in Qiushi Journal, publlished by the CCP’s Central Committee, Meng Jianzhu, the Minister of Public Security and a State Councilor, claimed that the Internet has become a major tool of anti-China forces. 

Meng considered current Chinese society to be characterized by intensified conflicts among the people, high incidents of criminal offenses, and complex struggles against the enemy. “The Internet has become an important means used by anti-China forces to infiltrate, sabotage, and amplify destructive damage, posing new challenges to the public security authorities in safeguarding national security and social stability.” Meng demanded strengthened development of six networks so as to achieve full range of control over the dynamic society, including a street-level prevention and control network, a community prevention and control network, a workplace prevention and control network, a video surveillance network, a regional police cooperation network, and “virtual society” prevention and control. 
Source: Qiushi, December 1, 2009