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Military Strategist: China to Mobilize Internet Users Against Anti-China Forces

 Xu Yan, Professor and historian at the Strategic Research Department of National Defense University alleged that international anti-China hostile forces have used the Internet not just to gather intelligence but also to spread false information to mislead and guide public opinion. Thus, “our country should mobilize Internet users to counter the anti-China hostile forces and opinions.” Xu cited examples of Internet remarks that China should not have participated in the Korean War and Sino-Indian border war. “Hostile forces are engaging in a psychological war in the area of history only to negate and cut off the ideological foundation of the new China. Many of these statements have gone far beyond the scope of expressions of different points of views. Their sinister intentions in fact are all too clear!” Xu calls for a “people’s war on the Internet to quash any anti-China expressions."

Source: Xinhua, March 31, 2010