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China’s First Internet Platform Based on Cloud-Computing

Hong Meng ( was officially introduced in Beijing on April 3, 2010, as China’s first Internet platform that involves cloud computing [cloud computing delivers services over the Internet and distinguishes itself through 1) Selling it on demand for as long as the user needs it, i.e., from one minute to an hour or longer. 2) The service is managed by the provider and one needs only computer and Internet access to use it; and 3) it is elastic]. Hong Meng claims to have a leading global position in applying cloud-computing technologies. Its platform is supported by over 10, 000 servers, which can serve information independently or jointly by either China’s regions or industries.

According to Hong Meng’s website, the limitations of current cloud-computing architecture are isolated data storage and “cloning” servers for Internet coalition. Hong Meng’s technology, which is truly “multi-system and multi-user,” goes beyond that. Its data cannot only be used by the server where it was stored, but can also be used by the higher-level “server group” that owns the server. Therefore, it offers a complicated data storage and management system.

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