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Xinhua: Fighting Internet Rumors is an All Encompassing Battle

Xinhua recently published a short commentary on the importance of fighting “Internet rumors.” The commentary suggested that Internet based rumors spread more widely and faster than “traditional” rumors that spread by word of mouth with people talking to one another. The author expressed the belief that the battle to fight Internet rumors requires the involvement of many layers of society and the use of three important means: (1) The government should introduce systematic and routine Internet monitoring procedures and prosecute those who distribute rumors. (2) The use of cutting-edge technologies should be increased. For example, advanced data mining technology can be employed to analyze Internet user’s behavior and distribution models like the U.S. researchers did to analyze high volume Twitter traffic. (3) Traditional media should adjust to the era of new technology to provide better guidance in the formation of public opinion. This is considered a good way to limit the room for rumors to develop.

Source: Xinhua, May 3, 2012