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Ministry of Health: Accommodating Police Operations in Level 2 Hospitals and Above

On May 4, 2012, Xinhua reported  that the Ministry of Health was sending out an emergency notice to require government health care units at all levels to cooperate with the police system to establish permanent police operation units in all level 2 hospitals and above. (Level 2 hospitals, as defined in a Chinese sense, are hospitals that provide medical treatment and care to residents in multiple communities and that conduct certain medical research. Generally speaking, hospitals at the county and city levels are all level 2 and above.) The emergency notice claimed that this order was to enhance safety for both doctors and patients and to maintain a “normal order of health care.” The notice also required all affected hospitals to install necessary equipment to enforce 24 hour security monitoring and to implement a 24 hour patrol duty system. The Ministry also required improvement in the training of health care workers, the standardization of service procedures, and the enhancement of the capability to handle emergencies.  

Source: Xinhua, May 4, 2012